Friday, January 25, 2013

NEWS: Larry Movie Date?

A new post authored by what-love-means, and reblogged by the ever wonderful points out that there could have been a possible Larry movie date today. 


While we only have pictures of Louis (seen above), could his other half have been with him? (yes yes yes let's hope so). Of course we can't jump to conclusions, in the usual Modest! arrangement after a Larry storm (aka all of the beautiful Larry in Japan) there comes the Lilo (Louis and Liam) bromance trip, because for some reason Modest! thinks pairing Louis with other men will make him look less gay. As always we'll be waiting for more pictures just like the rest of the shippers, but for now let's bask in the Larry date glow.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Blind Gossip Article

Larry shippers have been buzzing about the new article by Blind Gossip (aka Larry shipper's Mark Twain). The article titled "He Will Lose His Job If He Comes Out" profiles a young male in a "group" of other males who happens to be idolized by females. However, he is being made by the group's management to hide that he is gay. The story appears to be about Harry Styles, who fits the description perfectly. Everyone in the comments section of the article seem to agree as well.  

If you've ever read Blind Gossip before, you know just how juicy their stories are, and every line seems to be filled with a clue as to who they're writing about. 

Here's the most notable lines (or clues): 
  • So for the past couple of years, he has been pretending to be straight, and pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him. 
  • He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age.
  • He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way.
  • However, for now, he is the only one who has been pushing management to allow him to be the “The Gay One”.
  • His management team – which is substantially older than him – vehemently opposes his coming out.
Under the four paragraphed article Blind Gossip conveniently left the words



Making sure that we get the two most important aspects of this person, and leaving commentators to fill in the blanks. 

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Louis' New Tattoo

As you may have already heard, Louis' got himself a new tattoo. Although, there appear to be no HD pictures yet, a few fan pictures have emerged. 


Louis posing with band-mate Liam Payne and a fan
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A closer look
As Sugarscape reported in November (yes we know, Sugarscape is the sworn enemy shh it's okay), Harry confirmed his chest tattoos to be of swallows.

"I did get some new tattoos! I got two swallows on my chest. I like that kind of style of tattoos, like the old sailor kind of tattoos."
"They symbolise traveling, and we travel a lot."
Louis' tattoo does appear to be a swallow quite similar to Harry's, but is this the first time the couple has gotten matching ink? Let's take a trip down tattoo lane.

Harry's tattoos appearing from left, and Louis' from the right

Of course with another couple tattoo comes the backlash. Anti-Larry fans sounded off on twitter, and tumblr to try and convince everyone of the so called..."coincidence". 

Even pointing out that Zayn himself has a swallow tattoo, which would be a valid point if Zayn's tattoo was actually of a swallow, but alas it's a sparrow. Zayn seems to be fond of the whole sparrow theme.
So this brings us to a total of 5 matching tattoos, bless the artsy boyfriends.
Check out our tattoos page for an up-to-date list of all Harry and Louis' tattoos, as well as interpretations.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introducing The Larry Archive

Hi! This blog was just created a couple days ago, and I'm working pretty fast to try and get it up and running. We've got a few pages already fixed up (although we'll be adding to them later), and we're going to be putting some final touches on before we start actually posting.

In the mean time check out the FAQ/About page for info on the The Larry Archive, and stop by our other pages to view fics, videos, pictures, and more.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the contact page.

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