The Larry Archive was created as a source to look at past, and present events involved with the secret couple Larry Stylinson. On this blog we post things from the time Louis and Harry met, to today. The posts will include various stories, articles by outside news sites, and statements from One Direction and the parties involved. 

We also post lighter things like fanfic recs, new Larry videos, and Larry edits.

This blog was started on January 21, 2013.


Do you believe in Larry?
Of course.

Do Louis & Harry still live together/what is their address?
Yes, but I will not be giving details as to where. What I will give you are the facts as to why I think they still live together in a future post.

Have you ever met One Direction?

Do their families know they're not straight?
Obviously I don't know this for sure because I don't know them personally, but it's to my understanding that both of their families know about their sexualities.

When did you start this blog? 
I officially started making pages/posts on January 23, 2013 although some of the blog had already been set up 2-3 days prior.

If Larry is real, why haven't they just come out?
The list of reasons could go one and on, but the biggest one is a certain management company. They've taught the boys that coming out would not only ruin their career, but would ruin the rest of One Direction's, ruin their large fan base, enrage parents, and make their families a spectacle (who are already hounded enough by paps). 

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I am in no way affiliated with any member of One Direction or their management team.

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