Harry Styles' tattoos up to January 23, 2013

Total: 37

UPDATE: Louis Tomlinson's tattoos up to January 24, 2013

Total: 10
*recently added swallow tattoo
Updated Tattoo Summary: Louis [January 24th]

Various Tattoo Meanings/Interpretations 

Empty quotes and "oops!" "hi"
  • Louis' empty quotes tattoo could be quotations for Harry's "I CAN'T CHANGE" tattoo
  • Louis' "oops!"  and Harry's "Hi" tattoo are believed by many to be the first exchange between Harry and Louis, when they accidentally met in the bathroom

The nautical tattoos
  • Harry's ship tattoo is supposedly correlated with Louis' compass tattoo. The compass points to "home", which could be interpreted as wherever Harry goes that's Louis' home or Louis is what guides Harry home, like a compass helps a ship captain.

UPDATE Bird & freedom themed tattoos
  • Harry's empty bird cage and two swallows could represent him and Louis being free together, out of the closet, happy, etc. 
  • Louis seems to continue the theme with the flying birds tattoo and "Far Away." 
  • Harry's Sweet Disposition lyrics "Won't stop till we surrender" could also represent the idea of freedom carried on by the birds
  • Louis has gotten a new tattoo, a swallow that looks very similar to Harry's. HD pictures have not yet been released but here's the first look: 

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Fame/paparazzi related tattoos
  • Louis' camera could represent him, or he and harry both being under constant watch by the public eye
  • SMCL (smile more cry later) and Harry's theater masks could represent him (or him and Louis) having to put on a smile for the public to hide their true feelings
  • "Can I Cry?" repeats the theme of SMCL and the theater masks, and the idea that they cannot show their emotions 
  • The coat hanger, often tattooed on models, usually depicts that the person who got the tattoo feels like a clothes hanger, they wear what they've been given and put on a show

Harry's things i can and things i can't
  • things i can and things i can't obviously depict their title. On Harry's things i can arm, it's barren meaning he doesn't feel in charge, or that he can do anything what he truly wants to do. While on Harry's things i can't the tattoo's represent things he cannot do, such as "Can I Cry?" and "I CAN'T CHANGE"

  • widely believed to be the title of a novel centered around a gay couple
Matching Tattoos (up to January 24, 2013)
(Harry on the left, Louis on the right)


  1. lmfao actually as a larry shipper the hanger means- a hanger hangs in a closet. which means harry is still in the closet. bc like hello a hanger belongs in a cloest I don't think non larry shippers can EVEN DENY that one. lol

  2. he compass points to "home", which could be interpreted as wherever Harry goes that's Louis' home or Louis is what guides Harry home, compass tattoos